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These days I feel many customers are interested in the food materials and seasonings.
Especially the wives who have children are more keen to the food. Sometimes we are asked about our food what kind of materials and seasonings we use. I thought they might not be able to have some foods by religious reasons but allergies. There are some requests which no use milk and eggs, wheat flours, soy beans, and so on. We are welcome your requests in advance when you order foods at the delivery or at the restaurant. We would like to prepare food for you.
We are asked whether we use Ajinomoto in our food. I think you will find it when you have our food but we do not use it. We use a lot of kinds of natural soup stocks depends on the food. We make GARI-ginger accompanied with sushi, bread powder, Udon noodles, and so on.
As I wrote about our Miso-Soybean paste, we make it by ourselves without additives and chemicals. Hope you enjoy our food in safe and for your healthy life. ;)



Sly pan said...

When I paid visit to Nara in October, I tried to locate one of Nara-zuke shop where I bought authentic Nara-zuke 10 years ago. After walking around 45 min., finally I found it and bought a pack of Nara-zuke. They do not use Ajinomoto or other additives and put materials into kasu-paste at the least three years. The one which I bought was taken out of the barrel after eight years pickled period. Very good taste like Cafe Japan's miso paste.

CAFE JAPAN said...

Yes, I remember you love Nara-zuke very much. After I read your comment, my mouth is watering. ;>
Thank you for your compliment, too!
By the way, AJINOMOTO seems to be known as chemical things though I heard it made from natural things like sugar canes. I feel sorry that it is misunderstood by many people.

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Major Allen Espy said...

that looks like my favorite dish! yums!

CAFE JAPAN said...

yes, it is exactly your favorite dish, Allen.
Come over here. ;)