Sri Lankan purple potato スリランカの紫芋

 Do you know what it is?  It is a kind of potato but we are not sure what the name this is.  We have the same kind of potato in Japan and we call it `Purple potato`, therefore, we call it `purple potatos`, too.  A friend living in the country side gave us them.    We planed to use them for Miso soup but we do not lose the beauty of the colour, we decided to make potato jam for Japanese sweets.
Finally we made potato jam and made rice cake with potato jam.  Later we use them for miso soup and enjoyed their taste, too.   The potato itself has no strong taste though soft potato matches Miso soup, too.
Do you know the name of this kind of potato?


Happy new year! 新年明けましておめでとうございます。

Wish you a happy new year!  This is a Japanese traditional New year wreath hanging on the entrance door.  Calling luck and wishing good relationships and happiness to the guests.
 These are Japanese leaks we call Nihon negi.  There are several kinds of leaks at the market in Sri Lanka mainly ordinal leaks though round shaped Japanese leaks and thin leaks, too.  We can buy sometimes Japanese leaks.
One day, my friend introduced a menu with rice cakes and Japanese leaks with a photo and it attracted me and made me hungry.  It made us decide to buy them when we saw Japanese leaks at the market.  However, a Japanese who is a professional instructor of agriculture brought us Japanese leaks they grew at a good timing.   They were very fresh and beautiful as pictures.
先日、友人のフェイスブックでねぎ餅が紹介されていました。思わず食べたいと思うほど美味しそうな写真で、ちょうど、つきたてのお餅があったので、次回、市場に行ったら、日本ねぎを買おうを思っていました。 すると、スリランカで農業を専門にされている日本人の方が、とても素晴らしい日本ねぎを届けてくださいました。とても立派で美しいのです。

We made Rice cakes with Japanese leaks for our lunch.  We say Japanese leaks helped not to have cold during cold winter and eat with wish healthy life at the new year.  But sorry that I forgot to take a picture of the food!