Holidays in October / 店休日

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We would like to inform you that we close on Tuesdays in October.
Thank you.



Roll sushi with spicy lime pickle  ルヌデヒ巻き

Do you know spicy lime pickle? It is one of authentic Sri Lankan foods.
I heard Sri Lankan people eat it with rice and curry. It is made from lime, salt and chili (sometimes turmeric,too).
We made it with sushi and it suits to sushi very much more than we have expected! Though it is spicy a little bit, it is a good accent and a good combination of Sri lankan foods and Japanese foods! You would not be able to eat this menu other than here all over the world! And it is one of popular menu among the vegetarian.



Wagashi (Japanese sweets)? / 和菓子?

We make Wagashi (Japanese sweets) everyday for the desserts. Today we make Cream puffs. When I asked the guests their dessert ' Fruits or Cream puff', one of them asked me, "Is it a Japanese Cream puff?". I could not get his idea but after a while it hit me. Usually cream puffs are stuffed with whipped cream or custard cream. If we make it Japanese style, it would be stuffed with Green tea ice cream, Red bean ice cream, or Sweet read bean with whipped cream. It must be nice. I promised him to make it true hopefully someday soon. ;)



赤飯 Red rice

英語でRed Rice とそのまま書いたけど、Red bean and riceと言うのが正式な名前でしょうか???

This is MAKUNOUCHI Bento. There are several typical Japanese vegetable dishes and fish. The big difference between other Bento and this is Red Rice. Though Red rice is translated directly from Japanese name, it is cooked with sticky rice and red beans. We usually eat it when we celebrate something or at traditional meetings like a wedding ceremony, a baby birth, getting together with relatives, and so on. You need to order this menu 3 days in advance since it is a special recipe.


Extra holiday 臨時休業


Dear customers:

We are very sorry that we close the restaurant on 13th September Saturday
for an extra holiday. We will close on Poyadays and will open from 15th September
Monday. Thank you.


We cook fresh. 料理は作りたてです!

We cook foods after we received the order from the customers. So it will take at least 10mins for cooking. Some customers might think that we have cooked and kept warm. We are afraid the taste would be less fresh and we would like to deliver a foods just from the oven and sushi just made. So, if you need foods on time or a big quantity, we would like to recommend to order in advance. (If it is 2 hours in advance, we present Japanese sweets. :) We hope you had a good time with our foods.