cicada's emergence せみの羽化

We found cicada's emergence by accident when we went back to Japan last time.  As we have never seen it, we were so excited.   It was OBON season therefore we thought our ancestor might appear as a cicada in front of us!?

  1. このあと、元気に飛んで行きました。


OBON Japanese tradition お盆

Hello, everyone!   We have closed for a week and we will open from today as usual!  We are looking forward to seeing you again!
The season of this holidays is OBON period in Japan.   This is the period to think about our ancestors and those who have passed away and comemorate them.   We believed they would visit us this period and we have a lot of ceremonies depends on the cities all around in Japan to welcome them.   I would like to introduce about our tradition.

There are many type of welcome and send-off light and this is one of them.   We fire at the first beginning to welcome them without losing their ways.  We call Mukae-bi which means the welcome fire.    And the last day we fire to send them off to their home and playing for coming back again the next year.  We call Okuri-bi which means the sending-off fire.

Some cities fire on the slope of mountain and draw some Chinese characters like  大 shape.   Some cities flow lanterns on the river and sea.    Those have also the same meaning of Okuri-bi  to send them off their home.

We decorate the horses which made from cucumbers and the cow which made from eggplants (aubergines).   The horses are made for the ancestors and those who have passed away to ride to come to see us fast.  And the cows are made for them to go back to their home slow and bring a lot of suveniors.
Japanese famous BonDance also comes from this O-BON.   One of ceremonies for Obon.  It has been started to welcome and send off our ancestors and those who have passed away.   Bon Dance has also historical, religious, and traditional meanings.