a new note スリランカの新紙幣

A new thousand rupees note has arrived. Do you know which is the newest one? The above ones are the newest and the below ones are the previous notes. When we saw them for the first time today, we thought it must be a foreign currency. ;P I saw some news that there was a 1000 rupees coin, too. Now the most expensive note in Sri Lanka is a two thousand rupees note. Sometimes I think if there was a 10,000 rupees note here because of cost inflation.



Sly pan said...

It seems Rajapaska Kingdom has come. If someone else would be chosen as the President in the future, this design might be changed to him or her. There are very few notes showing live President or Prime Minister in the world, aren't there ?

CAFE JAPAN said...

Yes, it won't happen in Japan since Prime Minister would be changed often. :>
And I heard it was released for commemoring the war has come to an end.

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