Wa ga shi (Japanese sweets) 和菓子

We make  Wa ga shi ( Japanese Sweets) every day.   As there are so many kinds of Japanese sweets, we make a kind of sweets everyday.   We are serving sweets as desserts after lunch.    Recently it is more popular among foreign customers and we are delighted if you could enjoy the tastes.
This is one of Japanese sweets using Japanese herbs.    We put in Dango (rice cake ball) and it becomes green and covered Kinako (Yellow powder -soybean powder).   It is very popular among Japanese customers and foreign customers!   



Japanese local food これは、何でしょう?

How lazy I am!   I have not been updated the blog for more than two weeks!  I have a friend who have updated the blog everyday but his wife told him to stop updating the blog everyday since it was not interesting!  lol    I think there is no unique and interesting thing happening everyday but it is important to keep it continue everyday.   I'm sad to know he stopped updating his blog everyday.
いつの間にか、6月にはいって、2週間以上が経ってしまいました。ブログもなかなか更新できなくて申し訳ございません。ある友人が、毎日ブログを更新して いました。しかし、面白くない記事を毎日更新しても面白くないと云われ、毎日更新するのをやめたそうです。私は、毎日そう面白いことが起こるわけではない ので、毎日続けることのほうが意義があったと思うのですが、やめてしまってとても残念です。

 By the way, do you know what it is?   I think it may be difficult to guess even for Japanese since it is very local food.  This is TARAOSA (Cod Stomach) - dried cod fish but only gills and stomach.   My parents lived in the mountains in Japan and just 60 years ago the cool chain was not exist and fresh fish were very rare those days in the mountains.  The village people ate dried fish instead of fresh fish and they ate also the gills and stomach as they did not like to waste.   It is only find in the center of Kyushu island now.   This is very local food in Japan.   Sometimes I also miss my roots food and glad to be able to taste abroad as well.
さて、これは、何だと思いますか?外国人の皆様はもとより、日本人の皆様でも見たことがない方もたくさんいらっしゃるでしょうね。これは、たら胃(た らおさ)と言って、鱈のえらと胃袋(内臓)を乾燥させた保存食品です。九州の山間部、大分の日田や福岡の山間部などでお盆の時期に食べるものだそうです。 昔、流通も良くなかった頃、新鮮な魚が山間部では手に入らず、このたら胃などの干物が珍重されたようです。たらの胃って大きいですよね。ここから、鱈腹(たらふく)と当て字がついたとか。

 This is the food after cooking.  We avoid the bones and eat other places.  After simmered in the sauce, the dried fish became soft and chewy.  
私たちも、郷土の味が恋し くなり、頂きました。こちらが調理した後のたら胃です。お盆には早い時期ですが、美味しく頂きました。