What is Chow chow? チャウチャウちゃう?

Do you know what these fruits are?   These are called Chow chow and you can find these fruits at the markets in Sri Lanka.   We are not sure how to eat in Sri Lanka style though we make Japanese style pickles from them.   Actually we have the same kind of fruits in Japan and there is a famous pickles in Japan.   However that pickle is very dark colour and even Japanese may not know that picle is made from these fruits.

 We made Nukazuke pickles - Bran picles with chow chow.   Usually we can make Nukazuke picles with any kind of vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, radish, eggplants, and so on.   Bran pickles are very popular in Japan even at home and it is slightly sour taste as bran is fermented. 

 Wash with water and remove fermented bran.

 And cut slices.

You may have seen this at the restaurant.   When you eat this, just pour a little soy sauce on it and it matches rice with.  

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