Sushi - Nigiri sushi にぎりずし

Thank you for visiting our restaurant and ordering our foods for delivery.   So sorry for my late update of this blog.   We got more photos and will update as many as possible this month!
By the way, Sushi is still popular at Cafe Japan too even there are getting more places where we can eat Sushi in Sri Lanka.  We are serving authentic Sushi therefore we do not have much creative sushi.
These are Nigiri Sushi which fresh fish on sushi rice ball.   We recommend fresh Tuna to Japanese tourists often as we feel sometimes it is more tasty than we have in Japan!!  You may not know it but Colombo is one of delicious tuna city!!  The above Mullet sushi are also very yummy.  
For your home party and functions, many customers request delivery.  It is a sample and we can make any quantity and kinds of sushi platters for you.   Please feel free to contact us. 
This is a very special ordered sushi - Salmon egg.   We serve only special occasions.  A slight sweeten baked egg is also tasty, isn't it?


ぽむすびー said...

寿司と全く関係ない国にいます。美味そうですね。今度、お会いした時は寿司屋にでも、ご一緒に。もちろんコロンボの時はCafe Japanへ。

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