Cafe Japan Made MIso Soybean paste カフェジャパンの手作り味噌

We made Miso - soybean paste by ourselves since we opened the restaurant in 2000.   To get Miso paste in Sri Lanka was very hard and very expensive especially those days.   If we use those imported Miso paste, we have to add the menu price at the restaurant.   To avoid the cost increase, we started to make Miso paste by ourselves.   We wanted the customers to visit our restaurant even everyday and make the price low.  In the beginning, it was difficult to make Miso paste and we have failed many times until we succeed to make the good quality Miso paste.  Miso paste can not be made in one day but more than a month and more.  When we could make a good quality of Miso paste finally, we were so delighted.  Since then, we have tried to serve tasty foods with reasonable as less expensive as possible to the customers.  Wish you like our miso taste.


This is Miso just made.  You can not eat it yet..  作りたての味噌です。まだ、お召し上がりになれませんね。。
This is the completed one.  We can use for the restaurant.  こちらは、完成品です。皆様に提供できます。

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