Special menu for 3 March on this weekend ひな祭りスペシャル

This is an authentic Japanese traditional sweet especially in spring.   It is called Sakura Mochi.   As you may know, Sakura is Cherry blossoms and this is the symbol of spring and the sweets using Sakura leaves and pink coloured rice imaging Sakura cherry blossoms.   The sakura leaves are salted to keep longer green and freshness.   Mochi but this time sticky rice coloured in pink is stuffed with Red bean jam. 
As 3 March we have a girls' festival day in Japan, we are going to make these Sakura Mochi and special menu this weekend.  Unfortunately, we close the restaurant as our regular holiday on that day therefore we start special menu between 28 February Saturday and 2 March Monday.   If you would like to order these Sakura Mochi, please order in advance and we would like to keep them for you!   Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any inquiries!   In the restaurant, we make special menu and other special desserts.   Looking forward to having Japanese spring with you in Colombo!


Slypan said...

Where did you get Sakura leaves ? Locally in Sri Lanka, or from Japan, or from somewhere else ?

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hi Slypan. We can not get it in Sri Lanka so that we got it in Japan.