Aji - Horse Mackerel 美味しい鯵

Very popular sushi maybe Maguro - Tuna and Salmon.    But Sushi lover - Fish lover like other kind of fish, too.  And the true sushi lovers know plenty kinds of fish.   Aji- Horse Mackerel is one of the best fish.   Aji - Horse Mackerel is difficult to handle and hard to find very fresh one for Sashimi and Sushi.   When you feel tuna and salmon are too fat, Aji- Horse mackerel helps you refresh.  It contains a lot of DHA and good to health.  Some gourmet customers request Aji - Horse Mackerel sushi and Aji- Horse Mackerel on Donburi Rice.   Aji-Horse Mackerel which we could have in Sri Lanka is very fresh, thick and tasty.   If you have never had it, I will recommend to have it!  Hope you like it!

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