Wagashi - it means Japanese sweets - for March 3月の和菓子

 These are recent Wagashi - Japanese sweets which we are making and serving at the restaurant.   On the 3rd of March, we had a traditional celebration and we shared this pink sweets with customers.   This is called Sakura Mochi.    Sakura is Cherry blossoms and we use Sakura leaves which pickled with salt.  There is red bean jam inside of pink sticky rice.
Most Japanese customers seemed to be happy to have hem in Sri Lanka as we remember our foods which we usually had in Japan.

This is Matcha Daifuku - Green tea Rice cakes.  Coloured green with green tea and Green been jam is inside.   Very bean tasted jam. 

And we decorate Japanese dolls in the restaurant though we decorated only for a week instead usual one month.   Happy to share the cultures with customers from local and foreign customers living in Colombo!


Slypan said...

It's wonderful that you can eat such lovely wagashi in Sri Lanka. I remember Cafe Japan used to serve wagashi with lunch box from time to time, maybe on some conditions.
I recall Hina-dan decorated in Cafe Japan, which is very cute and gorgeous. Thank you for your uploading a picture.

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Thank you for your lovely comment, Slypan. Sorry, we have been to busy to update the blog. We have some more topics would love to upload. Keep checking!