Gobo roots スリランカ産牛蒡!

Do you know what it is?   Do you think we can eat them?  Yes, we can!   It is burdock roots.   There are some Sri Lankan vegetable which we can not buy in Japan and some Japanese vegetables not in Sri Lanka.   This is one of typical Japanese vegetables but we can not buy here.  In Sri Lanka, we can buy more kinds of vegetables comparing with 15 years back.   Now we can buy more kinds of vegetables since a lot of experts for Agriculture have been trying to grow more kinds of vegetables.   Gobo is one of them.   We were so happy to see it!   It is very fresh and very tasty.  We thank all experts and farmers who made their contributions for a long time.
有難いことに、私たちにも取材の依頼が舞い込むことがあります。わたしたちよりずっと前からスリランカで活躍されている方、滞在期間は短くても貢献された方々日本の方が、スリランカにはたくさんいらっしゃいます(いらっしゃいました)。 私たちの商売はわかりやすいので、声をかけてもらえるのかもしれませんが、私たちはまだまだ夢半ば。面白い話もありませんので、是非、もっと色々な方に取材して頂きたいなあと勝手に思ったりしています。
We made Kimpira Gobo - Stirfried Burdock roots.  早速金平ゴボウを作ってみました。
These are stems of Burdock.  We cooked them, too, with soy sauce.    


Slypan said...

What a good news it is ! To my best knowledge, Sri Lanka is one of very rare countries where gobo is produced out of Japan. I remember someone put a few pieces of gobo in a golf bag when he come back from Japan to Sri Lanka because no gobo was available in Sri Lanka at that time. You must be very happy and your customers as well. Kimpira-gobo is one of my favorite side dishes, and so as for many of Japanese, I believe.

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Hi Slypan. Do you think it is a big change since you left Sri Lanka? Not much though we are very happy the progress. All efforts from the experts and farmers.