Season's fresh ままかりのお寿司

This is the sushi plate which we served for dinner.  Maguro (Tuna), Tai (Snapper), and Mamakari  (a kind of small herring) over sushi ball. Mamakari is seasonal and we can serve only we got fresh.  Mamakari is Mama (rice) and kari (borrow) which comes from the story a family finished rice as the fish is very tasty and they had to ask some more rice to the neighbors.   Japanese real sushi and fish lovers request this menu.



Sly pan said...

A lot of things happened in this year, but less than a week remains. Thank you for your blog on Cafe Japan which gave me joyful time and nostalgia for Colombo.
Wish you and Cafe Japan a happy new year.

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Thank you Sly pan a lovely comment. Wish you and your family a happy new year!