Sushi in Festive seasons スリランカでも寿司

It is still hot in Sri Lanka though the towns are in the mood of festive seasons!  The schools are welocoming the winter holidays.  In the festive seasons in Sri Lanka, Sushi is very popular among both of local people and foreign people!  We hope our sushi decorates your parties and have a brilliant time with your family and friends!
The last week we welcomed the guests from Mauritania in theWest Africa.   The residential guests from Spain took them at the last night of their trip to Cafe Japan so we were very glad to hear it.  The guests from Mauritania are very familiar to Japanese food and we knew they are enjoying cooking in the country with Japanese friends.  We are very happy to hear it and meet them,too.   

先日は、モーリタニアに住んでいらっしゃるスペイン人とアメリカ人の方が、スリランカ旅行の最終日に、当店に足を運んで下さいました。日本食に大変詳しい方で、連れてきて下さったほかのスペイン人の方も、一緒に楽しんでくださいました。聞けば、モーリタニアでも日本の方たちと日本食を召し上がることが多いようで、 写真も見せて頂き大変嬉しく思いました。モーリタニア??最初は、場所も教えて頂くまで不確かでしたが、こういう出会いがなければ、知ることのない国だったかもしれません。

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