Sensible of seasons 季節を愛でる

My friend NOlly sent a package from Japan. There are a lot of things and she packed new tea leaves, too! It was picked at her house in YUFUIN, OITA located in middle of Kyushu island and famous for the clean air and hot springs! The first tea of the season is picked from the end of April to the end of May in Japan and we enjoy it every year like wine lovers are looking forward to having Beaujolais Nouveau every year in November!? The taste is a bit bitter and the aroma is mellow. I wrote some about Japanese green tea before.

The sweet is SAKAMUSHI MANJU which I have introduced before. The reason why it is pink is SAKURA flower (Cherry blossoms)! We use SAKURA flower and leaves for cooking as well.

そして、こちらは、先日作った「酒蒸し饅頭 桜の花びらのせ」でした。ちょっと、季節がずれちゃいましたけど。日本では季節ごとに旬の味が楽しめるので変化があって楽しいですね。こういう時は日本が恋しくなるかな。


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