Light delights  自宅で気の合う友人と

' I will invite my three friends and have some light dinner.  Could you make some light foods for us?'  A customer asked us to arrange their dinner.   As we heard they would have some liquors with them, we suggested the menu.   As they are the regular customers and we know their favorites, we could suggest some foods not from the delivery and restaurant menu.  We can arrange the foods depends on your needs. Please do not hesitate to ask us!   We are happy you would enjoy our foods with your company.



Slypan said...

That's good idea and the picture shows very good arrangement for a small home party.
I miss Cafe Japan in my neighborhood.

CAFE JAPAN 0777-263564/0777-263565 Lunch: (Weekends 11:30)1200-200pm Dinner:Reservation required Delivery time:1100am-200pm 530pm-900pm said...

Hi Slypan! Thank you for the comment and I have missed to update this photo for a long time. I might lose a lot of chance!?