Inari zushi a popular sushi in Japan 稲荷寿司

 There are many kind of sushi in Japan.  This is one of popular sushi called 'Inari zushi' Sushi covered with Fried tofu. As it is very difficult to get good conditioned Fried tofu in Sri Lanka, there is no in the menu.  Have you tried Inarizushi before? 



Slypan said...

I like Inari-sushi very much. I'm very lucky 'cause my residence is very close to Shinoda Sushi Honten where I can buy one of the best Inari-sushi in Japan. Now in Japan variety of inari-sushi is sold in such shops in JR stations (Eki-naka).

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I know we can enjoy any varieties of sushi in Japan!! When you visit Sri Lanka from Japan, don't forget to come with Inari sushi!