Hamburger thought ハンバーグ

Hi Allen. This is your favorite Hamburger Bento. I have uploaded upon your request. :D
At Cafe Japan, we use both beef and pork for the hamburger. We have to say sorry that both of customers who can not eat beef and pork though we would like to say it is a secret of our recipe. It is said that there is a difference of the temperatures melting each beef's and pork's fat and its combination create the taste of hamburger. In Japan, there are a number of hamburger restaurants though the each chef and restaurant creates their own recipe. We have also experimented to change the ratio of beef and pork and finally made our own recipe.
Hamburger Bento and Hot hot hamburger on the iron plate at the restaurant has each different recipe each and used different kind of sauce to make them more tasty.:>
I think there are homemade hamburger recipes at each house in Japan.



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Sly pan said...

I have never tried bento version of hamburger yet. Let me try in the near future. By the way, I found beef-burger pate being sold in Cargill next to JAIC Hilton.

CAFE JAPAN said...

Hi Sly pan. I think it must be Cargil's own recipe. It seems yummy.

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thanks for that! looks yummy! Did I tell you we will be in bangkok in May? where will you be then? allen