Our favorite pictures and thanks レストランの絵と感謝

It rained this afternoon after a long sunny days.  We had a repair of gutter this morning and finally it was finished before raining.  We thought it was lucky though we knew there was a leak from the roof.  lol   We have to go for the roof repair....
A big demonstration by the university students were held today and caused a heavy traffic jam along the Galle road in Colombo3.  We knew it during the heavy traffic jam but we had to send food.   Finally, a staff left his motorbike and walked along Galle road to the customer's office!   We are sorry for both of the customer and staff and thank to both of them.  The customer understood the situation and waited for food with patient.  We are also happy to work with such a good staff! And another customer had to leave Cafe Japan before having lunch as his arrival was delayed by the traffic jam and had to go back to his office.  But he wished us a very happy new year and left a present with smile.   I'm very sorry and thank you for visiting us today!
Did you notice that we have a new picture at the restaurant?   It was a present from a friend Allen.  When he visited Sri Lanka, he left the picture to express us his thanks. Finally the frame was completed!!   Don't you think it is beautiful?  Thank you, Allen!
And this is another gift  from a Japanese customer.   When we faced a business difficulty, he knew it and gave it us to make us cheer up.   Whenever we see it, it gives us encouragement even now.


Major Allen Espy said...

Absolutely surprised. As lovely as you are! Glad you found a place for it. Can you believe a year has passed since my visit? Time to schedule another one.

CAFE JAPAN 0777-263564/0777-263565 Lunch: (Weekends 11:30)1200-230pm Dinner:Reservation required Delivery time:1100am-230pm 530pm-900pm said...

yes! let's make a plan for another one.