Flowers  花

WOW! Time flies! We have just one and half months in 2008. lol
We plans that we open until 31 December and close on 1st and 2nd January.

It is one of my enjoyment to buy flowers everyweek and I feel happy when I could buy beautiful flowers. I wish if we could select flowers among a number of flowers at the shop since the kind of flowers are limited in Sri Lanka. These are my favorite pink lilies. Some customers thinks it is fake as it is too perfect.




Sly pan said...

What beautiful flowers ? By the way, are you going to serve Osechi dish in early January ? Only in restaurant or for delivery as well ?

Anonymous said...


CAFE JAPAN said...

Hi, sly pan! As for Osechi (Japanese new year dish), we are planning to serve a small combination of Osechi and Ozoni (rice cakes in the soup) at the restaurant on 3 January.

CAFE JAPAN said...