Cafe Japan Reopened

Hello Dear customers!!
We moved the place from Colombo 3 to Colombo 5 and it is a very small shop 12 seats only and car park just space only one, though we are welcoming you and looking forward to meeting you at Cafe Japan.  Thank you for your patronage.
The map is below.  Sorry it maybe difficult to see....  
Other informations are coming soon... 
 the red dot is Cafe Japan.


Nico said...


So happy to heard Cafe Japan is open again !!!

Especially in Fife road, very close to my house :-)

I will come to have dinner soon and I will inform all my japanese anglers who come fishing in Sri Lanka, like Hirotaka san !!!

See you soon

Nico - Fishing guide at Sportfishing Lanka

Cafe Japan 0777-263564 / 0777-263565 20/23, Fife Road, Colombo 5 said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Nico.
We welcome you though it is a small shop!!