Ko-ji Rice malt 手作り米麹

During our holidays, we do some work and making Miso paste (soybean paste) is one of our duty.  To make Miso paste, we need Ko-ji (Rice malt).    If we are in Japan, we do not need to make Miso paste and Ko-ji but here it is not easy to get Miso Paste and we have decided to make it by ourselves.  It is more tasty and more economical for us.  No addtives and very healthy, too.   We use this malt only for making Miso paste but other foods as seasonings.   For example, we use it for Fish dish.   Fish has more flavoured and juicy when it grilled. 
We are growing it like we grow our children.
We wish you enjoy our home made Miso soup at Cafe Japan.

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