A Sweet in Sri Lanka スリランカのお菓子

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By the way, have you seen this sweet in Sri Lanka?  I have seen it in Thailand before and we have the same sweet in Japan, too.  This is a cotton candy and the way of sale is interesting.   In Japan, a cotton candy is sold with a stick.  I have seen the same type of cotton candy at the supermarket in Colombo so that this may not be the same as the cotton candy.  And this is sold by the man walking with a bell and a bucket around the town and we call him when we want to buy.  When we buy this candy, he gave it with thin snack like a crape.  Eat cotton candy with a crape.  It has a slight coconut flavour and very yummy.   Please try it when you find the sales person around your house!




Anjali R Jith said...

Sri Lanka is very next on my bucket list. Heard that food is very delicious out there, interesting! Looking forward for the Srilanka tour packages

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Thank you for the comment! Yes, the food in Sri Lanka is very tasty and interesting, indeed.