HOCHO Japanese knives  包丁

These are typical Japanese kitchen knives which we call Ho-cho.   When we visit Japan, we see many tourists from foreign countries purchase these knives.   We also visit Japanese knife shop for their maintenance.  Even we use them everyday and make them sharpen though it is necessary to ask their professional  maintenance by the craft persons.  We visit the craft persons everytime when we go back to Japan.  The most distinguishable point of Japanese kitchen knives is variation of the thickness of the blade and most blades are thin.   When we cut fish, we use very thick blade-knife and use thin blade knife for other cooking.  At the beginning to open the restaurant Cafe Japan in 2000, we were very surprised that one staff used our knives to cut plastic bottles and Coconuts` shells!   Usually we separate the tools up to the usages.    Strictly cooking knives are for only cooking.   Finally we found our knives after cutting Coconuts` shells were terrible and we cried.  He used thin blade knife to cut a hard coconut shell!  Now we can say it was an interesting culture shock and no anymore mistakes after that. The oldest Hocho which we have started to use when we opened Cafe Japan in 2000 has now very short blade.   We are using it for cutting meat.


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