Sashimi & Osushi 刺身と御寿司

The most popular menu at Cafe Japan is still Sashimi and Sushi!    Luckily Sri Lanka is island and the paradise of fish!  It has become very common to have Sushi in Sri Lanka though yet some seem to be misunderstanding the differences of  Sashimi and Sushi.   Sashimi is no rice like above picture and just sliced plain fish.   Sushi has variety of styles like Rolled sushi, Nigiri sushi, Chirashi zushi, Temaki sushi, and so on and it has contained with Rice and seafoods, meat, or vegetables.    It was not common in Japan to use meat for sushi but not now.  When we have opened Cafe Japan Restaurant in Colombo 2000, it was not so popular menu in Sri Lanka yet.   Only some customers requested them.    However, when the customers visited us at their 5 years old, now become 20 years old and they have no wall to have them at all.
This is Rolled sushi with Delicacy tuna.  Some are using a lot of Soy sauce to have sushi though I would like to tell that Sushi has already used some salt and it may be caused high intake of salt if you sink your sushi in soy sauce.  Sashimi as well.  Hope you enjoy foods but  take care of high intake of salt!  If you feel thirsty a lot after eating sushi, it maybe a sign of high intake of salt.


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