A spice in Sri Lanka - Goraka スリランカのスパイス - ゴラカ

As we know, there are many kinds of spices in Sri Lanka and those spices are used for its famous Sri Lankan curry and they make variety of the taste.  This is a spice called Goraka.  You may know the name as Garnicia.  Usually used them after dried once from the fruits which are plenty in the tree.  These are used for fish curry mostly and this usage is very similar to the way to cook fish in Japan.
Goraka has sour taste and we use pickled plums which has also has sour taste for simmered mackerel and anchovies.  From the look I could have not imagine the fruits but delighted to see the fruits in the tree for the first time.


Slypan said...

I have not known that, but it does not look like spice but fruit to be eaten.
You don't use it for Cafe Japan menu, do you ?

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We have never tried though it may suit Japanese food, too.