Daikon radish スリランカで採れた大根

We are making Daikon Oroshi which means grated Daikon radish.   We use Daikon radish often in Japanese cuisine and eat raw, boiled and grated.  Daikon especially fresh daikon radish contains diastase to help digestion and good to stomach.   We use raw Daikon radish in Sashimi fresh fish and diastase works when it will be taken with fish and raw daikon radish.  Sometimes we grate daikon radish and put Tempura sauce as sauce will stick more foods and tasty slight bitterness.   Many foreign customers ask often about grated Daikon radish or just ignore it though we wish you try them with foods and sauce.  
When we opened the restaurant around 2000, it was very difficult to find Daikon radish though now we can see very big grown Daikon radish at the market in Sri Lanka.  


Slypan said...

Wow, what a nice piece of Daikon is produced locally in Sri Lanka ? Time passed so fast, and things change so quickly.

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Yes, time flies. You maybe surprised at the changes of Sri Lanka!