Tasty Sri Lankan Prawns スリランカの美味しい海老

Recently a lot of Sri Lankan and foreign customers visit our restaurants.  Thank you so much.   We have new customers and a long time regular customers who have supported us (just visiting us is a lot of pleasure and support!)  and we knew most of them prefer not only Sushi and sashimi.   Now Sushi and Sashimi are too popular and you can taste them every place in the world.   More keen customers seem visiting us and trying our foods.  We are very happy to share Japanese foods not only Sushi and Sashimi.  Of course, our sushi and sashimi are the best in town.   Hope you enjoy our food!
By the way, my friends from abroad ask me often what do you recommend to eat in Sri Lanka.   I always tell them to try Sri Lankan rice and curry and seafoods.   Especially prawns are very fresh and tasty.    Crab curry is also sperb though my best was a homemade by Sri Lankan friend. (I do not know the place we can enjoy tasty crab curry in town yet).  In case I recommend Japanese friends, prawns the best. It is hard to find very fresh and tasty prawns in Japan as most are imported frozen ones so that I recommend Japanese friends prawns.   Sri Lankan prawn curry is also yummy and any style of cook does not spoil its taste.   At Cafe Japan, you can have them by Tempura.  I do not recomend my Japanese friends to have Japanese food during their trip though it may help for some phisically weakend tourists. 


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Slypan said...

Tempura is one of my most favorite cuisine, especially the one from prawns. Anago (sea eel) is another favorite one but I had never seen Anago in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, there are a lot kinds of vegetable in Sri Lanka, which makes Tempura dishes marvelous in Cafe Japan, I believe.