Sri Lanka New Year and Lime 新年とライム

It has already past one week from Sri Lanka New year.  We have also started our usual duty.  How was your new year?
These are limes grown in Sri Lanka.   It is often used for Sri Lankan foods but Japanese foods, too.   We have used lemon in Japan and some other Japanese limes and tangerines though now we are using for foods these fresh limes from Sri Lanka.  It make better taste as well as decoration.   You can enjoy fresh lime juice and fresh lime soda at the restaurant    Please try it in our dining!


Slypan said...

Believe you enjoyed new year holidays. Welcome back to Blogger. Sudachi drips on Samma is one of my favorite way of eating fish.
By the way, I don't see the photo which should be listed right under the title. Did you upload a picture ?

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hi Slypan. Thanks for your comment and notice about photo errorl. I will check and will try to reload!