Temporary open for delivery on 31 火曜日ですが、31日 臨時営業の予定 (宅配のみ)

JAPANESE traditional new year food 2013  How will it be in 2014?
Thank you for ordering our foods and visiting our restaurant.   Sorry I have not updated the article for a long time!  Wish you have wonderful holidays and spend a good time with family and friends.  Since we have a lot of inquiry about the order on 31st December, we have decided to take your order though it is Tuesday which our holiday!  We may have several menu though please feel free to send Email to ask and tell your request.  We do take your order until 27 December and we deliver foods from 11:00 to 16:00 on 31 December.
さて、12月31日は火曜日なのですが、お問い合わせが多かったので、宅配及び、お持ち帰りの注文のみ承ることにしました。限られたメニューとなりますが、大晦日を家族や友人と過ごされるお客様でお楽しみ頂きましたら幸いです。 受付は12月27日まで承り、31日の宅配は、11時から16時までの間承ります。メニューは別途送付させて頂きますので、遠慮なくメールでお問い合わせ下さい。

 The delivery menu on 31December will be Sushi and finger snacks.
 One day, a small crab has visited our restaurant!   Just saw on the floor, we found him!  He might walk from the coast!?
And today,, we welcomed a big lizard!  It has different features from lizard in Japan.  Interesting!


Slypan said...

Is a bowl of soup at right hand side of top photo Zoh-ni?
My father come from Gifu and my mother come from Shimane, but both of them happened to have custom to eat Zoh-ni in soba-tsuyu.
I was so surprised when I had Zoh-ni in miso-soup or clear soup at a friend' home.
Naturally my home's Zoh-ni is in soba-tsuyu.

CAFE JAPAN 0777-263564/0777-263565 Lunch: (Weekends 11:30)1200-200pm Dinner:Reservation required Delivery time:1100am-200pm said...

Hi, Slypan. Yes, it is Zoh ni.
As you have explained, there is variety of soup and materials depends on places and family roots!? It is interesting, isn't it!?