Spices in Sri Lanka スリランカのスパイス

Hi everyone!
This week CHOGM is held in Sri Lanka and other related meetings are also held this week.   In Colombo town, sometimes roads are closed but we can not expect what kind of influences on our life as CHOGM is held in Sri Lanka for the first time after the war over.   However, I like personally roads are beautifully constructed and town itself became beautiful with historical landmarks.  Tourists will be fascinated by the beautiful town and interesting conjunction with beautiful town and local active life area.
By the way, we have corrected our opening schedule as we close on 17th Sunday of Poya day.  Sorry for my mistaken information.  Usually we do some document work on Tuesdays for our licenses but sometimes we go out of Colombo for relaxing.  One day, we went countryside of Sri Lanka and got some spices from the local gardens.   How rich life in Sri Lanka especially countryside!  We can see a lot of spices at the garden of the every house.   Though it is not spice garden, we got vanilla beans and Nutmeg from one friend's house.  She told us that they are enjoying tea with vanilla aroma.  Just keep in the tea can!   How rich their life!  After I came back, I tried the same and enjoying vanilla tea.

And Nutmegs.  They were fresh with flowers and we remove the outside and keep seeds in the net.  We use it for well known Japanese style Hamburger.   It is a wonderful collaboration between Sri Lanka and Japan, isn't it?


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