A beautiful beach day いい天気

 It was Poya day yesterday.  How did you spend the day?  Did you go to the temples and spend time with family?
Very good sunny days these days and it seems the regular customers want cold noodles and Tekka don (Fresh Tuna on sushi rice).   That menu was sold well!   Hotness may make us crave cold foods.

I think you know what it is.
It is lemongrass. 

 My mother made lemongrass sorbet.  It is very fresh flavour and very match with honey and mint.  We hope we can serve you it as a dessert.


Slypan said...

I went into a hospital for annual medical checkup yesterday. No problem except a little higher blood‐sugar level. It may be caused by good food taken when I was in Sri Lanka.
You are very lucky for your mother who makes a lot of good food from local supply.

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Yes, I agree with you, Slypan. The fresh local materials make foods tasty. I'm happy to learn about foods from my mother.