A memory of the old menu なつかしのメニュー

Revival Cheese Tart 復活!チーズタルト
A long time ago when we open the restaurant, we had several cakes and desserts!  After we open the shop at Excel World, we stooped to make these cakes and desserts.   A customer asked to make it after a long time, we made it!   We had Cheese cake, Cheese Tart, Coffee jelly, and Snow Hill which like bread cake.   All kinds of cakes and desserts were popular and I'm also happy to taste it again!  It is not too sweet and very yummy.  You may remember this cake if you are an old customer!
Cheese Cake レアチーズケーキ
Now we welcome to have your order only though Cheese tart from 6pcs.
現在のところ、チーズタルトのみの販売で、注文は、6個から承っております。 お気軽にお尋ねください。

Lantern this year今年のランタン
By the way, this is the lantern for the Vesak this year.   A 6 year old customer gave it to us.   It is handmade with his papa and well done!  Thank you.

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