Daikon Radish 干し大根

 Do you know what it is?   This is Daikon Radish.   We call this kind of radish 'Daikon' and distinguish Daikon radish from other kind of radish.   Daikon means literary 'Big Root'.  Daikon food is popular in Japan.  We eat raw, boiled, simmered, vinegrated, pickled and dried.  We cut Daikon and leave it for some days, and it becomes like this.
You may wonder whether we can eat this.   Yes, we can eat this!   Once we soak it in the water and again we boiled with seasonings.   It is different texture and taste from the dish making from the fresh Daikon.  We dry Daikon and some vegetables to preserve.  During winter season, we enjoyed those preserved vegetables those days refrigerators and distribution were not common and developed enough.  We are pleased to introduce interesting Japanese dishes as many as customers. I have seen some dishes which used dried Daikon in Asia but I'm wondering whether dried Daikon is cooked in other countries. 
In Sri Lanka, I knew fresh Daikon was also made Curry.   It was also very tasty and I think it is very healthy.  A Sri Lankan friend told me he does not like Daikon curry and young people do not eat Daikon curry much.  I think Daikon radish curry is still slightly bitter therefore children may not like the taste.


Slypan said...

This may be one of the longest blog, isn't it? Anyway bery interesting.
I like dried Daikon cooked together with sliced aburage, and flavored by a bit of seven taste chili pepper.
Always appreciate your explanation of Japanese food and dishes, especially home-made version.

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thank you for your comment, Slypan. We will write about food more! See you next!