Refresh with iced tea 簡単!水出し紅茶

Wish you a very happy Sri Lankan New year!   Very hot everyday..   I like tropical weather  of Sri Lanka but every year it is a little hard to spend the hottest season.   To enjoy the hottest season, I'm trying to drink a lot of water.   Since I can not drink a lot of water, I'm drinking tea instead of water!  But I'm lazy and enjoying easy made iced tea!  Just put several ice cubes into the jug and pour water with tea bags!  I can keep drinking if I pour water every time I drink like hot Chinese tea.  Add some sliced lime and mint leaves and it looks cold.  I like hot milk tea at hot weather but sometimes different taste makes you refresh, too?



Slypan said...

I noticed from this blog that the month of May, a middle of Spring Season, has come. Despite of Golden Week in Japan, I am in the busiest season of my job, which starts in April and lasts up until middle of June. Rest of the year is rest literally.

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Yes, it is very fast. Time flies! Don't work too hard and take care!