Review of Cross cultural communication 異文化交流 2

                                             ↑ Nori (Sea plants) Paper
 I wrote about Sashimi conversation last time.   A similar situation may happen on the conversation about Maki Sushi - Rolled Sushi as well.  A lot of customer ask us,
'How many pieces of sushi in the set?'

We make Rolled sushi using a piece of Nori - Seaplants paper.  There is a regulation for the size of Nori paper which is 21cm x 19cm.    It seems the best size for making Maki sushi.  Nori paper has two faces, one surface is shining and smooth and the other is textured.   We place sushi rice on the textured side and the shining side will come outside.
Maki sushi has 3 size which is Hoso maki - Small sized rolled sushi, Chu maki - Middle sized Rolled sushi, and Futo Maki - Big sized Rolled sushi.
For the customers' information, we are mentioning the number of sushi pieces on the menu.   When you place an order, I think it may help your plan.   Some sushi lovers may be able to eat more than 20 pieces of sushi!



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