Eco? これもエコ?

We have a thing to be proud. It is a little garbage everyday. It is because the customers left foods very little. In Japanese culture and habit, there is an old lesson that eat all whatever be served or serve food what amount you can eat. It maybe exggerated but usually, the Japanese customers do not leave even a grain of rice. It is said that a grain of rice is growned by 88 people and 'RICE' in Chinese character consists of the number 88 (it is a metaphor to indicate the value and it takes a long time to cultivate food). And it becomes a waste if we left foods. (It maybe related with the lesson we eat animal and plant's life with thanks.) I was surprised at the different culture people left a small foods since it shows a rich and when I saw the people left foods. But I'm ashamed to get used to be the new culture and left foods sometimes. Now some customers may understand why Japanese food is served in a small amount which we can eat all. And you can eat all without hesitation.



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It is one of good ways to keep homeless people away from Cafe Japan because they cannot expect any food left out of garbage bags thrown from Cafe Japan.

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There is plenty of food in Sri Lanka. My first impression in Sri Lanka is how rich country it is. There is a lot of water and foods through the year and people are calm, gentle and kind. I think the number of Japanese homeless people is more than here. But there are some homeless dogs here.