New year decorations 鏡開き

These are the decorations for the new year. The midst photo is a traditional type of new year wreath. It is said that it has begun to use the bond at about BC 660 in order to mark the boundary between the sacred area and the other world. And later, it is used at the shrines. To decorate the wreath at the entrance as showing the top photo is meant to prevent the house (family) from entering evils. On the wreath, it is written 'Mirth calls luck.' We hope the year filled with mirth.

The third photo is two round rice cakes. It is called Mirror rice cake. The name comes from the shape looks like old type mirrors. We decorate it until 11 or 10 January and eat them. The day we eat that decorated rice cakes is called Mirror opening day. We are going to serve Rice cakes in the soup and several kinds of Mochi (Rice cake) menu as a tradition as well as the standard menu at the restaurant on 10 and 11 January.



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