Orchid in winter 冬の蘭

Though I am not a christian, it is fun and exciting when the Christmas season comes. The mood people are enjoying the time and holidays is filled with happy and makes me happy, too. I like to sing and listing to Messiah and the choirs,too.

By the way, we are enjoying the orchid these days. We buy nursery plant at the botanic market and grow them. Especially it is a result of my mother's effort. Japanese old porcelain suits to Orchid flowers, doesn't it? We are planning to buy more orchid nursery plants for the interior and to feel happy.




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It is said that one of the conditions to be a true gentleman is to know and identify names of flowers at a glance. I am not a true gentleman yet.

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It applies to both gentlemen and ladies. I might be able to say tulips, roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemum and such kinds of flowers. :)