Secret menu 隠れメニュー

We have some seacret menu which have not been mentioned in the menu list. It has started since we opened Cafe Japan. Some regular customers request menu which is not on the menu list or explain what kind of foods they would like to eat. If we can serve or cook, we made it for them and those menu became their own secret menu.  One customer from US have requested grilled fish and we served him 'Grilled Japanese needlefish' since then he has ordered it whenever he visited us. Other customer from Germany have ordered his set menu 'Udon and sushi set'. A Japanese customer order 'Onigiri - Rice ball- set'.
This is one of secret menu Bean vermicelli Salad. There are two kinds of glass noodles (vermicelli). One is made from beans and the otehr is made from corn or potato. It is healthy as we can eat a lot of vegetables and low calories. Please try it when you have a chance though it is necesarry the order in advance. ;)


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