Tradtional New year food Ozoni Osechi 新年のお料理 お雑煮 御節

Hope you had a good new year day and come back to the work.  We also started to open our restaurant from yesterday.  We prepare Japanese traditional new year food.  One is Ozo-ni.  Baked Mochi - rice cakes in the vegetable and chicken soup. We make Mochi from the rice at our kitchen and every year we enjoy the fresh Mochi.   It is very yummy.

 This is also New year dish and we make it specially on customer's request.  There are some ingredients and materials in Sri Lanka and we have to think how to make every year.  Each food on the dish has each special meaning for example, Black beans means we work hard in healthy condition, Persimmons means collect the good lucks and so on.  Hope the customer liked this special dish and enjoyed. 

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