Goat milk ヤギのミルク

Hi everyone, how are you?  It has been very nice weather these days.  Did you enjoy holidays?
One day, I had tea with goat milk.  Usually I drink tea every morning and goat milk is very thick and mild.  Very tasty.   It is becoming my energy.   Have a good day!


Sly pan said...

When I was young, I was not so strong in health. My mother got goat milk for me from a farmer in mountain side. Frankly speaking, I felt at that time the goat milk was too thick and wild in smell, but on the other hand it must be good for health. Thank you for your blog for me to recall old days.

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I can not believe that you were weak when you were young. I heard Gandi had only goat milk and dates for the resistance. It is common here goat milk gives us strength and drink in the morning.