KATSU-DON is Pork cutlet and egg on rice bowl. Katsu means cutlet and Don means a bowl (Donburi in Japanese).
I think Katsu-Don is one of popular Japanese food. When I was a child, my favorite food was Katsu-don. If we say Katsu-Don, usually pork is used in Japan. You will discover that it is difficult to find Chicken Katsudon in Japan. However, in our menu, we have both Pork Katsu-don and Chicken Katsu-don since there are some people who do not eat pork in Sri Lanka. It is a little culture shock for us to have both Chicken katsudon and Pork Katsudon. ;> We are trying to repeat the customers' orders in order to avoid the mistakes chicken or pork. It is very important here!!
When some vegetarian customers asked vegetable-Don, we make it without pork and chicken and with egg or without egg.
Both Katsu-Don and Chicken Katsu-Don are very popular at our restaurant. It is interesting that they are popular among foreign and Sri Lankan customers,too.


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