AD on the magazine 広告

We have never thought about the advertisement though finally we have started it from February 2009. We asked a friend photographer and learnt how important to tell our concept him in order to have good pictures. As for the content, I'm asking a friend to correct my English though it has not been done on this blog. The tale of Cafe Japan has started from May and the episode will be updated every 3 months. Now we are enjoying to create the episode and advertisement. Don't ask us why Naomi?



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Sly pan said...

Is it possible to put a copy of such advertisement in this blog so that we can read stories of Cafe Japan ?

CAFE JAPAN said...

Hi Sly pan. If you click the ad, it will be enlarged and I hope you could read. In case if you can't, I will send it by mail.

Sly pan said...

Thank you for your advice. I read an article fully, and look forward to the next one.

CAFE JAPAN said...

Thank you for the comment. Happy to hear that. :D