Vesak day ウェサックポーヤデー

Vesak Poya day in this week. We can see a lot of beautiful lantern in town. Did you go to see them?

Here is another Vesak Lantern in Cafe Japan. A family gave us their hand made lantern. The kid spoke to us, 'I made this part!'
Thank you for your kindness.


In Sri Lanka, these Vesak Poya days, the sale of meat and liquor are prohibited. All foreigners and Sri Lankan are respecting for the culture and custom and following it.
We are serving Japanese sweets which made from Japanese Yomogi herbs picked in this spring. Hope you could enjoy Japanese spring. Japanese sweets are made from vegetables and I heard it also come from the custom of Buddhism. It is popular among not only Japanese but also Vegetarian and Buddhist. The right tea is SAKURA tea. It is salty tea. We drink with sweets. Cherry blossoms and buds are salted and the colour keeps still pink. Some customers from France and Sri Lanka enjoyed it, too.



New menu list for delivery 宅配メニューを改定します

Dear Valued Customers:

We thank you very much for your patronage. According to the price escalation in the country, we have to revise the prices of menu. The menu will be revised from 15 May 2011. We would appreciate your kind understanding and we try to improve our service and foods as well. We are very sorry and hope your kind understanding and continuous order.

If you could send your empty mail subject name 'menu', we would like to send new price list to you.

Thank you.                  Café Japan






Variety of Bento いろいろなお弁当

O-BENTO in Japanese is portable food in the box. When we go hiking, school, office and etc,
we bring it from home and enjoy it at lunch time. When I was a child, my mother made Obento and looked forward to having it. Even adults, very busy business persons order Obento to save their time from going out for lunch.
These are special Bento and not regular bento menu. We make these bento with your order in advance.


③ 散らし寿司と照り焼きチキン弁当  Chirashi-Sushi and Teriyaki Chicken Bento
    (フルーツ別添え)             (With some fruits)

If you prefer Karaage Chicken(Fried Chieken) , we can prepare the Bento with Karaage chicken
instead of Teriyaki Chicken.

④ おにぎり弁当       Onigiri (Rice ball) Bento
(フルーツ別添え)     (With some fruits)

Onigiri (Rice ball) is a typical Japanese portable lunch. Japanese rice does not waste the taste even after it lost warmth.

⑤ お子様弁当   Okosama (Kiddies') Bento
I think I can eat 3 Okosama bento alone. lol


Daily special Bento in May (Delivery only) 5月の日替わりメニュー

Café Japan 20115月*今月の日替わり弁当

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Minced pork &beef cutlet
Closed定休日 Omelet stuffed with vegetable pork & cuttlefish野菜炒めいりオムレツ
Sauted pork with miso soybean paste
Cream Croquette
クリーム   コロッケ
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Cooked rice with vegetable &chicken
Closed定休日 Ceispy chicken with soy sour sauce揚げ鳥の香味ソースかけ
Potato Croquette
ポテト    コロッケ
Chicken & Vegetable cutlet skewer

16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Vegetable mixed SUSHI
Poya No daily special
Sauted pork with ginger soy sauce
Beef & Pork hamburger with sunny sideup
目玉焼きのせ ハンバーグ
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Beef&Pork hamburger with tomato sauce
煮込み    ハンバーグ
Cream Croquette
クリーム  コロッケ
Cooked rice with vegetable and chicken炊込みご飯と唐揚げ Crispy chicken with soy sour sauce揚げ鳥の香味ソースかけ    
Beef&Pork hamburger with sunny side up
目玉焼きのせ ハンバーグ
 Closed 定休日          
*We make daily special Bento (Lunch box) from Monday to Friday.