your chice on the platter お好みで

On Christmas season, we had a lot of SUSHI order for the parties. We were so happy that some foreign and Sri Lankan customers have ordered SUSHI platters. It's cool Sushi on Christmas party, isn't it?
We have six kinds of Sushi platters on our menu but some regular customers order their favorite sushi and asked us their own order-made sushi platters. This is an example. This is the combination of "BOTAN" Nigiri sushi set and two set of Maki sushi set (Rolled sushi set). We can make sushi without wasabi for the children, too. Let us know when you order and feel free to ask any your requests!



Today's special lunch 今日の日替わり弁当

This was the today's special lunch. We used a different container from usual boxes.
We found it at the shop and thought whether we could use it for the delivery. :>

本日の日替わり弁当です。いつもと違う容器を使って見ました。時には、遊んでみます。  :>

It contains two rice balls, two chicken sticks, potatoes, Miso soup, a small tangerine and Japanese sweet. It is a typical Japanese hiking menu. Hope you enjoyed it.



End of year 師走

A lot of companies have sent us calendars of the next year. I think the year-end comes every year at the time when the calendars arrive. We thank you all customers for supporting us in 2009 and the companies which have sent us beautiful calendars, too.

In Japan, December may be the busiest time in a year. We are looking forward to welcoming the New Year and getting together of families, relatives and friends on New Year days. And before the New Year day, we like to finish all the work in order to spend time with families and friends with piece of mind.

Cafe Japan also prepares traditional New Year food. We serve it only on the 31st December for take away because Japanese families enjoy a special TV program on the New Year eve with it. I guess Japanese all over the world will be watching the special program. It may be a tradition, too. And we serve some other traditional foods on the first, second and third January at the restaurant.

We hope you enjoy the traditional Japanese new year foods in Sri Lanka.

We open on the 31st Dec until 15:00 and open on the first, second and third January as well.

12月31日は、お昼までの営業、1月 1,2,3日は休まず営業いたします。


Noodles 売り切れごめんね

There are a lot kinds of noodles in Japan, too. The noodles made from wheat flour with eggs and without eggs, buckwheat flour, rice powder, etc. The different width of noodles, served as cold or hot dish, with soup and without soup, fried and boiled noodles. These noodles have each name. One thing I'm missing in Sri Lankan life is noodles. It is not difficult to find noodles in East and South East Asia but in South Asia.

This is called 'SARA UDON' which is fried crispy noodles covered with seafood and vegetable sauce. We served it as a promotion in November. We would like to introduce a lot variety of Japanese food little by little.