EEL's Day 土用丑の日

31st of July 2009 is EEL's Day. Every year in summer we have Eel's day (some years have 2 days and 19th and 31st of July this year). We believed eels give us stamina and we could spend healthy in hot summer.
We offer Rs.500 discount from the usual price for the promotion of UNAJU Grilled eel on rice on 31 July, 1 and 2 August.(Only lunch in the restaurant.) But we may stop the promotion when the stock is over. Please try Cafe Japan Unaju!



a guide book and a magazine ガイドブックと情報誌

You may have started summer holidays. As for the tourism in Sri Lanka, after the war, it seems the things are getting improving step by step to call the tourists. I felt the changes little by little.

There is a popular guidebook about Sri Lanka in Japan. It is updated every year and quite a lot information are included. The guidebook is like 'lonely planet' and the series covered a number of countries. Since there are few guidebooks about Sri Lanka, not only backpack-travellers but also business persons and expats have.

A few months ago, a young guy came into the restaurant with a camera. I just thought he would be a tourist or a business traveller. When he left the restaurant, he introduced himself and asked for taking some photos for the guidebook. We were surprised at it and thought he checked our restaurant like French Michelin guide book. However, he has not forgotten to inform that it would not be sure whether our restaurant would be introduced or not. We have tried not to think about it.

Recently the newest issue was published and our restaurant was introduced there! One of the customers told us about it. Immediately, we bought it.
The latest Explore Sri Lanka has picked up our restaurant, too. It is honorable and we are happy. It was interesting to know how to make an article and magazine. Thank you everyone.



ちなみに、今月号のExplore Sri Lankaにも記事を載せて頂きました。どんな風に記事を書くのか、取材をするのか興味深深だったので、大変面白かったです。


Recent popular menu 最近の一番人気

Hi everyone. How are you?
The last Monday was POYA day in Sri Lanka. POYA day is a full-moon day and every month POYA day becomes holiday. We have expected on that day there would have few delivery orders on POYA day. But we had many delivery orders from the foreign customers to their offices. I knew many people worked on POYA day, too!
This is the recent popular delivery menu. (The photo is on the plate but we deliver in the transparent box.) Some customers are ordering with Wakame and Cucumber salad and Miso soup. I think it is a good combination balancing of nutrition and typical Japanese combination.



Japanese herb 'Yomogi-mugwort' よもぎ入り梅が枝餅

This is the green rice cake stuffed with red bean jam. If you are lucky, you may be able to enjoy it.
There are many kinds of herbs in Japan, too. Yomogi - mugwort is one of them. Yomogi herbs are used in many ways like cooking, coloring the cloths, and as medicines for internal and external use. It is used in this rice cake, too. Usually we make it without herbs though we do in the spring the season of this herb to enjoy the fresh herbs. The colour is beautiful green and it has a faint aroma of Yomogi. When I was a child, I went to pick them at the river side with family in the season and then we enjoyed making sweets and the spring season.