Cafe Japan's CHOPSTICKS カフェジャパンのお箸 第2弾

We thank you very much for your patronage. This is the information about the small present from Café Japan. Though we did the same campaign last December, it has been out of stock! We have ordered again the shop and just arrived.

In Japan, it is usual to have one’s own pair of HASHI (chopsticks) at home and to use the same one everyday. Recently it has become very popular to carry one’s own hashi for use at the restaurant or at the office, instead of using disposable chopsticks. We call them ‘My HASHI.’ This idea comes from ecology and is designed to present waste and save trees, even though disposable chopsticks are also recycled in Japan.

Café Japan is also sending a lot of chopsticks everyday to the customers. From the trend to have one’s portable chopsticks, we’ve come up with the idea of making original HASHI (chopsticks) for the regular customers and giving them to you. When you place a food order, we will deliver HASHI according to your order instead of disposable chopsticks. Afterwards we will not send disposable chopsticks except on your special request.

We ordered the original HASHI (chopsticks) from a shop in Wajima city, Japan, which is famous for lacquered crafts and tableware. They have written on them “Café Japan” in Japanese characters and in gold ink. We have 15 colours (last time 10 colours though) with WABI SABI taste. Black, Dark Chocolate, Violet, Dark Red, Red, Emerald Green, Light Blue, Light Pink, Brilliant Green, Moss Green, Yellow Green, Orange red, Red bean, Rose gray, Peach(from the bottom). Japanese Chopsticks have sharper points than Chinese and Korean style chopsticks and you can enjoy the difference. This shop’s chopsticks have a rough surface on the point to prevent them from slipping.

We welcome you to request your favorite colours when you place the order, though we have limited numbers of each. We would like you to use them at your home and office and hope you will like them.






Welcome to Cafe Japan! ようこそ、カフェジャパンへ!

We had a surprising cusotmer today. This is a Chameleon. I have just seen something in the tree and he was there one of the trees in Cafe Japan. He is still staying there. Make yourself at home.

We are planning to update the menu at Cafe Japan. See the new menu!





One day, there was an inquiry from a customer from Canada. He asked whether we had SUSHI BENTO. We wondered 'SUSHI BENTO'?? He said he would like to have sushi and other foods as well. We have menu for Sushi and Bento but not SUSHI BENTO. We thought it was unusual for authentic Japanese foods but a moment later we agreed with the idea to make SUSHI BENTO. It is new to us and interesting! Now we are making the new menu SUSHI BENTO. We are glad to have such interesting inquiries and suggestions. To tell the truth, we had a similar kind of bento included with Maki sushi, Soba noodles, and some other foods in one box. Now we do not make it though, we are thinking to start it again soon with a new version!

ある日、カナダ出身のお客様から問い合わせがあった。「寿司弁当はありますか?」 私たちは頭にクエスチョンマーク。「すしべんと~????」要するに、弁当箱の中に、寿司と他のおかずが入っていてほしいということ。最初は、「日本にこんなものないよね~!」なんて言ってたけど、確かに、寿司とサラダとか、寿司と野菜のおかずとかあったら、健康にもよさそう。昔、巻き寿司とざるそばとおかずを組み合わせたそば弁当というのがあったので、それをリニューアルしてまた新しいメニューを作ろう!


Coffee コーヒー

We love Sri Lankan tea as well as Japanese green tea and coffee. Especially, Sri Lankan milk tea is wonderful in Sri Lanka. The fresh tasty tea is served here and there like at the local cafe, restaurants, offices, and so on. Though, sometimes, I would love to drink coffee. We serve fresh ground coffee!  Hope you enjoy the tasty aroma at Cafe Japan.