Handmade Japanese new year decoration 手作り鏡餅

 These are called Kagami Mochi examples of Japanese new year decorations made from rice cake.  Now it is common to decorate for Christmas in Japan but these are more important for Japanese to welcome new year.  There are Dos and Don'ts on new year customs. It is said do not work on New year day and finish all house work by the end of year.  Therefore, we made rice cake and made these decorations on 31 December.   These days, people become busy and we can buy these things at the supermarkets, though since we are in Sri Lanka and we have no chance to buy them, we can make them by traditional ways. 
We decorate these rice cake for 10 days and eat them after decorating.  These become hard after 10 days so that the foreign guests were surprised when I explained we would eat after 10days decorating.  One of Don'ts is not cut it with a knife to prevent from breaking holy power which has been decorated as offerings.  We have to make small pieces by hands and hammers.  We may serve Mochi (Rice cake) desserts to share happiness with people after 10th January as we do every year.